Electronic Shelf Labels for Cosmetics and Perfumery

Remotely updated digital labels with information and prices.

✓ Make your Beauty in Cosmetics and Perfumery smart

Electronic Shelf Labels for Cosmetics and Perfumery

Interactive Digital Labels are small, battery powered, electronic ink screen seals. By acquiring electronic labels for Cosmetics and Perfumery , you will not only get a price management tool, but also store efficiency and productivity.

In the Cosmetics and Perfumery sector, the main concern is always the need to constantly change the offer with new and very good quality products, as well as a good price for them. Simple and intuitive to use, it will allow you to update your prices and promotions dynamically, minimize errors and reduce implementation costs.

With electronic labels, Cosmetics and Perfumery evolve towards a more pleasant environment through a cleaner and more orderly appearance.

Electronic labels shelf for Cosmetics and Perfumery shorten the distances between the store and the consumer and solve the problems of store management. This is a milestone in the world of commerce.

They are the start of an amazing buying process for customers who want to get more involved and benefit from more complete interaction with the store. Join this technological revolution and you will see all the benefits.

  For our welfare

The content and information of the electronics labels shelf for Cosmetics and Perfumery is highly customizable and can be updated from any computer, in real time and / or programmed automatically. Reduce the time your staff spend updating the information and price labels, with the corresponding economic savings that this entails.

They are also the right approach to market all products more carefully and rigorously. They allow owners to provide necessary information on the shelves of their chain store.

Many companies of Cosmetics and Perfumery are already implementing them in their facilities, they have taken the first step towards digitization with the acquisition of electronic labels shelfs for Cosmetics and Perfumery


It is worth noting that all this information attached to electronic labels will help us to know the customer’s needs and to be able to quickly adjust the stock according to market demand.

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  • Electronic Labels Specifications

  • Angle of vision: 180º
  • Battery: Up to 5 Years, CR3032 Battery
  • Screen: EPD anti-glare technology, available in monochrome and various colors.
  • Coverage: up to 50 meters, extendable
  • Working Temperature: -4ºF to + 122º
  • Software: Own devolpment runs under windows
  • Appearance: Completely customizable

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Doubts regarding the product

Find answers to all your questions about our digital electronic tags.

Do they turn off if I unplug the PC?

The shelf labels only communicate with the PC to update data and information, once updated they do  not require a connection to the PC.

What coverage do they have?

The tags work on a frequency similar to WiFi, its range can vary between 164 and 328 ft. You can install several antennas to increase your coverage.

How long does the battery last?

The electronic labels have almost an energy consumption of zero,  when they are in standby. Their highest consumption is during update. When they are in standby mode, the image on the screen continues to be displayed normally. The duration of your battery can reach up to 5 years depending on its use.

Can I program the information?

Yes, the label management software allows you to program the labels so that they show different information according to the day or time.

Can I synchronize the prices with my management software?

Yes, our software allows you to synchronize the electronic tags to show accurate and updated information from a local or external database

Is it dificult to change a label manually?

Aunque el software realiza los cambios automaticamente, si en algun momento quieres reemplazar de forma temporal la información de una etiqueta, dispones de una hoja excel mediante la cual puedes realizar los cambios fácilmente

Doubts regarding purchase

Find answers to your questions before buying our digital electronic labels.

Can I get the tags in renting (leasing)?

Yes, it is also the option that is best accepted among our customers. Through a 36-month lease, we can include in one single fee the cost of everything you need to enjoy your electronic labels. The renting (leasing) modality, consist of the folowing during your contract:
  • Premium guarantee during the contract length
  • Full assistance and maintenance (remotely or onsite)
  • Complete insurance even for water, fire, theft, etc.
  • Replacement service in case of breakdown.
  • Software license “TicketPoint”

What happens when the renting ends?

When the contracted renting period has ended, we can provide you several options.
  • We remove the material and terminate the contract.
  • We renew the renting for another 36 months under the same conditions, changing the digital labels for more modern and current ones.
  • We renegotiate the contract by adjusting the monthly fee for a more affordable one and keep the current tags.

Is there any initial cost for the start-up or training?

If it is your first installation and you require advice for the configuration and commissioning of the label system, we can get in touch, advise a technician, evaluate costs and make a budget.