Electronic Shelf Labels

Digital labels that update all the information.



Electronic labels are part of this entire digital revolution that each day makes our business more adapted to customer needs, bringing with it great solutions for truthfulness and updating information in record time. They are small seals with electronic ink screen and battery powered.

Well, with electronic labels, the effort to maintain and update information is minimized, so constant labeling change would not be a problem, nor the generation of waste and the loss of time in this task and, therefore, of money. 

Different models according to the measure you want.

Century iShelf™ labels are improved series that guarantee greater efficiency in price management.

They can be used in any type of sector, from supermarkets and pharmacies to display the prices of products on the shelves, to meeting rooms for the identification of event attendees, all through a clear electronic display system that supports complete graphic images .

CENTURY iShelf™ Plus  plus meets the requirement for dynamics with the red-yellow-green flash lights.




ICOS based on making your business smart.

When it comes to developing your business, there are many things that you need to take into account in order for it to work as you expect, which is why, to face this great investment, we present you ICO loans. A line of financing with which you can boost your business by investing in both new projects and improvements, and what better way to make your business more accessible to the customer through electronic labels. Betting on this technology is a step to take if or if, and a good investment.

For Freelancers and Companies of any size, taking advantage of ICOS in investments that bet on technology from the goal of making your business more flexible and manageable, taking advantage of the advantages that the use of electronic labels brings, is a way to have in your hands a tool that dynamically controls information.

Taking advantage of ICOS such as flexible financing terms and advantageous conditions that can be adjusted to your investment, you have everything in your hands to finance an electronic label project.



Every day we go deeper into all the advertising that moves customer attention to your business, and what better than The Digital Signage to achieve that goal. Since this type of technology has been successfully replaced by traditional print posters with dynamic audiovisual content such as audio, video or static images, it is to be assumed that the world of advertising has entered another level.

The TicketPoint® digital signage platform is one of the world’s leading companies, it has a perfect infrastructure created to install as many screens as you need, with its centralized management platform it allows updating the content and programming of all the screens with just a few clicks and remotely.

Ticketpoint® Digital Signage solution allows you to manage everything remotely conveniently.


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have doubts about the product?

Well here you will find all the answers about our digital electronic labels

What happens if the pc is turned off, the labels are turned off too?

The labels only communicate with the PC to update information data, once updated it does not require the computer to be turned on.

What coverage do they have?

Digital electronic tags work at a frequency similar to that of the WIFI network, they can have a range of 500-100 meters. For better coverage, several antennas can or should be used to guarantee coverage.

Are they battery powered? How long does it last?

The electronic labels if they are powered by batteries, since they have almost zero energy consumption when they are in standby, and the greatest consumption is made when their information is updated, it is 100% effective. When they are idle, the screen image can continue to be displayed normally. The duration of its battery can be up to 5 years depending on its use.

Can the information be programmed?

Yes, the electronic label management software allows you to program them to display different information depending on the day or time.

Can I synchronize the prices with my management software?

Yes, our software allows us to synchronize the electronics labels  shelfs so that they show prices and updated information from a local or external database.

Is it dificult to change a label manually?

First time: software makes the changes automatically. If at any time you want to temporarily replace the information on a label, you have an excel sheet through which you can easily make changes. Nothing complicated.

Doubts about the purchase of electronic labels?

We can clarify it here before buying digital electronic labels

Can I get the tags in renting (leasing)?

Of course, it is also the best option and is having a lot of acceptance from our clients. For example: Through a 36-month renting, you can include in a single fee the cost of everything you need so you can enjoy your labels.

During the validity of the contract and the Renting modality you can enjoy:

  • Premium guarantee during the contract length
  • Full assistance and maintenance (remotely or onsite)
  • Complete insurance even for water, fire, theft, etc.
  • Replacement service in case of breakdown.
  • Software license “TicketPoint”

When the Renting ends, what happens?

When the renting period contracted by you has ended, we can offer you several options:

  • We remove the material and terminate the contract.
  • We renew the renting for another 36 months under the same conditions, changing the digital labels for more modern and current ones.
  • We renegotiate the contract by adjusting the monthly fee for a more affordable one and keep the current tags.

Is there any initial cost for the start-up or training?

If it is your first installation and you require advice for the configuration and start-up of the label system, we can contact you, advise you with a technician, evaluate costs and make a budget.